Management News

Management News

Prairie Fork News and Updates: Second Quarter 2023

Spring has sprung and so has the activity level in the area. Black Eyed-Susan, Photo credit: Jeff Demand April 2023Website 2023 Please check out our new and improved PFCA (Prairie Fork Conservation Area) webpage! Milkweed, Photo credit: Jeff Demand April 2023Variegated Fritterary, Photo credit: Jeff Demand April...

Prairie Fork News and Updates: First Quarter 2023

Welcome to the First Quarter of 2023, everyone! 2023 is here, and already the first quarter is over!! How time flies. Our goal is to keep you informed about the news and happenings at Prairie Fork Conservation Area. Here are some of the events and fieldwork that went on in January, February, and March! Photo credit by Amber EdwardsEducational...

Prairie Fork Update: 2022 in Review

Welcome back! Pat’s vision to teach our youth the importance of conservation continues here every day! Due to staff changes and other things beyond our control, we have not had the opportunity to share lately the wonderful things that go on here at Prairie Fork Conservation Area. Hope you enjoy the following look back at 2022. Depicted here is...

Prairie Fork Update: December 2021

Welcome to December, everyone! We hope you were all able to fill your bellies with a Thanksgiving-sized feast, and are ready to partake in the rest of the holiday season!November is when the weather starts taking a bit of a turn here in mid-Missouri, and it’s becoming more and more evident that winter is quickly approaching. Research also winds...

Prairie Fork Update: October 2021

The Temperature is dropping, the trees are slowly changing colors, and its been busy around here lately!After an understandable lack of visitation throughout the past year and a half, Prairie Fork was finally able to welcome some new faces for two events in July and August! Ladies from Quail Forever & Pheasants Forever in Missouri and Wander...

Remnants to Restoration

Check out the latest work on happening on Prairie Fork & the Missouri Prairie Foundation Property to the North. This article by John George is printed in the Missouri Prairie Foundation Spring 2011 issue. It can be found on page 16-19.Click Here for More Information

Sericea Lespedeze Spraying on 190 Acres

Wildlife staff sprayed 190 acres of the exotic species, Sericea lespedeza, across the entire area in September. This plant is very difficult to eradicate and it will take years of continued attack to keep Sericea in check.

PF Management Staff

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Area Manager / Wildlife Management Biologist

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Natural History Biologist

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Fisheries Management Biologist