Call For Proposals

Proposals Due: Jan 15th 2024

Prairie Fork Coordinating Committee has identified research priorities. Preference will be given to proposals that address one or more of the following areas. However, we do encourage and consider innovative research outside of these focal areas.
We are currently accepting proposals. The area plan can be found under the Management tab then under data sets.

Research Emphasis Areas

1. Outreach to underserved and diverse audiences about native plants and natural resource conservation.

2. The control and management of exotic plant species presents an overwhelming annual workload on PFCA. Assessment      of efficacy of methods for control is desired.

3. Soil characteristics, soil biogeochemistry and soil microbiology associated with the ecological restoration of prairie and      woodland natural communities.

4. Hydrologic and water quality processes in restored natural communities.

5. Techniques to suppress the growth of warm-season grasses in order to encourage forb development within existing            prairies.

6. Occurrence and distribution of prairie associated fauna, especially invertebrates.

7. Restoration and ecology of prairie associated vertebrates and invertebrates.

8. Assessment of the efficacy of conservation education programs and strategies.

9. Techniques to enhance the restoration and/or propagation of conservative prairie forbs and other plants important to        pollinators in restored prairies.

    PF Research Staff

    Jeff Demand

    Area Manager / Wildlife Management Biologist

    Ben Diekmann

    Wildlife Biologist

    Darby Niswonger

    Fisheries Management Biologist

    Steve Buback

    Natural History Biologist