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In keeping with the Prairie Fork natural resource objectives, ongoing research projects are conducted by universities, MDC staff, and other researchers. These projects encompass a variety of topics, ranging from native plant restoration, to wildlife radio telemetry, to soil microbiology. In expanding scientific knowledge, these projects offer valuable educational opportunities for visitors to the area. They also provide us insight into how to better manage and conserve our natural resources.


Researchers are always encouraged to explore and investigate new areas of learning. The Prairie Fork Trust annually requests and funds several projects that further Prairie Fork’s research and natural community goals and objectives.  If you are interested in pursuing research projects that will enhance our knowledge of natural resource conservation, follow the Call for Proposal link below.

To review current and previous funded projects and available publications, follow the Current and Previous Projects link below. 

Our Research Mission

Our research mission is to provide a place to conduct innovative research that will further our understanding of natural resources, their processes, and our management’s effects on those resources. Prairie Fork Trust supports “innovative programs of research and teaching in the areas of natural history and conservation.” Funds are awarded to projects by two trustees (one representing The School of Natural Resources and one representing the Missouri Department of Conservation), who are advised by a coordinating committee. The committee consists of faculty and staff from the School of Natural Resources at the University of Missouri, research and management staff from the Missouri Department of Conservation, and a biological scientist outside the University of Missouri. Projects must advance the long-term natural community and educational goals of the Prairie Fork Conservation Area.

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PF Research Staff

Jeff Demand

Area Manager / Wildlife Management Biologist

Clinton Prenger

Wildlife Biologist

Darby Niswonger

Fisheries Management Biologist

Steve Buback

Natural History Biologist