Prairie Fork Update: December 2021

The tallgrass prairie of North America is an imperiled ecosystem that has been the subject of considerable restoration effort and research in the past two decades. While native prairie plant species are purposely introduced during restoration, prairie invertebrates, including native bees (Anthophila), are not and must colonize from surrounding remnants. ...

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Comparing prairie reconstruction chronosequences to remnants

Prairie reconstruction has become a common method for reestablishing tallgrass prairie communities in the central United States. With the objective of creating plant communities that approximate remnant (reference) prairies, managers are interested in identifying: (1) best methods for reconstructing reference community conditions; (2) the rate of change in plant communities through time following reconstruction; and (3) species present in remnant...

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Assessing soil seed banks in north-central Missouri

Title: Assessing soil seed banks in north-central Missouri remnant prairies and a chronosequence of restored prairies Principal Investigator(s) (PI): Katherine Wynne Abstract:   Publications:   PI Website(s): Funding & Support: Prairie Fork Charitable Endowment Trust, Missouri Department of Conservation, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Project Dates: March 1, 2019 - Current  ...

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